how to participate in the korona coin ico?

Step-by-step guide (Using the Korona Wallet App)
Step 1.
Download the Korona Coin Wallet Desktop Application (Available for Windows and MAC OS)
Step 2.
Create a new wallet in the Korona Desktop Application with only a few clicks (click here for the step-by-step guide)
Step 3.
Complete the KYC registration (by specifying your newly created Korona Wallet address)
Step 4.
Transfer some Ethereum to your newly created Korona Wallet address
Step 5.
Purchase Korona Coins by pressing the "Buy KORONA" button in the Korona Wallet App


In the current blockchain payment systems mainly investors can benefit. Transactions bring real values only above a certain amount of tokens. Instant payments can not be effected, fast transactions are expensive. Due to technology limits Bitcoin cannot support the daily activities of ordinary users and businesses, also Ethereum’s efficiency is limited. Despite technological limitations, a large number of people use bitcoins on a regular basis, and they favour bitcoin trading because of the high profits. Buying Bitcoin is becoming easier day by day, and the trustworthiness of exchanges and wallets is increasing. Bitcoins can even be bought with Paypal, Debit and credit cards. Check out how to buy bitcoin with credit card in a much secure way. Wallets hold bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, making wallet selection even more important. This site contains a comparison list of several bitcoin wallets. Both the number of cryptowallet-users and the crypto-to-crpto transaction portion will grow fast if and when the ordinary citizens and businesses will gain confidence and also they will find their benefits in using cryptobased payments and services.
In the newly established CRYPTO ECONOMY 2.0, we believe that, for immediate impact, the focus is partly on new technology, and partly also on new commercial platforms and a complete blockchain business model that make the most use of the cryptocurrency, our newly estblished Korona Coin.

We are proud to present our Korona Development Team members

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious” -John Sculley-

Jean-Marc Stiegemeier

Jean-Marc Stiegemeier

Head of Management

A Wall Street executive who, led ten companies in global diversified industries. Mr Stiegemeier also an inventor was employed as an engineer by NASA for the Apollo 11 misson. Jean has served as the CEO of ten companies, operating in global diversified industries. He has led the acquisition of five, the founding of four and the sale of eight companies. Four of those companies were sold to Fortune 500 firms.

Attila Bustya

Attila Bustya

Chief Technology Officer

Attila is the co-founder of Spider Drone Security, a UAV development and manufacturing company that currently holds the world record for the longest duration RC multicopter flight. Due to his success the company was listed in Google’s New Europe 100 innovators list. He is also currently the Chief Technology Officer of Swiss Message Bank, a Switzerland based technology IT company.

Gábor Hajdu

Gábor Hajdu

Legal Expert

Gábor finished the Law University in Bucharest in 1999. He was practicing as a lawyer in Harghita Bar Association for 12 years, during which period he gained valuable experience in trial preparation, defending court cases in civil and penal cases and also in contract negotiations while assisting as an outside counsel for large companies and businesses. In 2012, Gábor went into business consultancy, orchestrating several large investments.

Robert Balázs

Róbert Balázs

Head of Market Development

Robert has worked in the past with the team on many different projects. Since 2016 he has been Commercial Territory Manager, being responsible for a wide range of cloud applications within ERP and HCM pillar. He supports companies to overcome traditional on-premises limitations with cloud applications, while offering companies solutions for quality improvements and increased visibility for their business.

Felicia Flóra Kovács

Felicia Flóra Kovács

Head of Communication

Felicia is one of the first truly succesful private entrepreneur woman in Hungary who started her own business at the age of 23, establishing her own creative film production company Argus Productions in 1993 and has been running it since. In the last 25 years her career traveled through all fields of both the local and international advertising industry including all major global clients from McDonalds through Coca Cola to Samsung and many more.

Roxana Ionescu

Roxana Ionescu

Program Coordinator

Roxana started working with this team years ago, when they developed projects in the green energy, consumer goods and most recently in the UAV industry. Prior to these she was a high level real-estate expert. Roxana speaks fluently seven languages, Hungarian, Romanian, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian. She is characterized by a strong character, assertive and strong-willed, team player, goal-oriented, and last but not least by her excellent sense of humor.

Zsolt Kolumbán

Zsolt Kolumbán

Head of Sofware Development

Zsolt has been running succesfully his developer team and has been involved in several large scale software development projects for more than 15 years. His team focused mainly on the online gaming sector that included an online poker platform, through which he successfully integrated a proprietary payment system with millions of succesful real money transactions. Their platform was used sucessfully in the past by many publicly traded gaming companies.

László Simon

László Simon

Financial Consultant

Laszlo led numerous international project network developments with great success within the European Union. He used to work together with German and Czech Republic based consultancies where he helped mainly to develop large scale projects like hydropower plants, new SME seclement, workflow and CRM System for SME’s and partly in preparing market and business analyses for companies entering the central European markets.

Trinh Anh Tuan

Dr. Trinh Anh Tuan

Adviser on Blockchain Technology

Tuan Trinh received his Ph.D. (cum laude) in Computer Science from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) in 2005.

He is an MIT certified FinTech professional.

Partners & Services

We have aleady teamed up with the following innovative compa`nies that have accepted the Korona Coin as a payment solution and to provide an early start to the marketplace while increasing overall value.
We are currently in the final stages of negotiations with numerous other businesses, worldwide. They will be added to this list as soon as we have their agreement.

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