In the current blockchain payment systems mainly investors can benefit. Transactions bring real values only above a certain amount of tokens. Instant payments can not be effected, fast transactions are expensive. Due to technology limits Bitcoin cannot support the daily activities of ordinary users and businesses, also Ethereum’s efficiency is limited. Both the number of cryptowallet-users and the crypto-to-crpto transaction portion will grow fast if and when the ordinary citizens and businesses will gain confidence and also they will find their benefits in using cryptobased payments and services.
In the newly established CRYPTO ECONOMY 2.0, we believe that, for immediate impact, the focus is partly on new technology, and partly also on new commercial platforms and a complete blockchain business model that make the most use of the cryptocurrency, our newly estblished Korona Coin.

Partners & Services

We have aleady teamed up with the following innovative compa`nies that have accepted the Korona Coin as a payment solution and to provide an early start to the marketplace while increasing overall value.
We are currently in the final stages of negotiations with numerous other businesses, worldwide. They will be added to this list as soon as we have their agreement.

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